Turbomachinery service is a matter of trust. Our customers can rely on professional planning and expert execution of maintenance work at site and in the workshop.

Inspections & findings

During an inspection, e.g. by means of a bearing check or endoscopy, our team of experts can provide the customer with detailed information on which measures are important to ensure a long service life for the system.

We present the results of an inspection to our customers in a findings meeting. Our project managers and technicians discuss the resulting recommendations and any further measures with the customer, taking into account the operational requirements. Once the inspection has been completed, the operator has a comprehensive overview of the machine’s current condition and can organise maintenance planning accordingly.

We offer a wide range of inspections, including the following services:

  • Endoscopic inspection
  • Bearing inspection
  • Vibration analysis
  • Alignment check
  • Oil analysis
  • Root cause analysis
  • Start-up and shut-down measurement

Overhauls & maintenance for steam turbines

Turbine overhaul is our project teams’ favourite discipline. Extensive maintenance measures on the turbine train are defined in close consultation with the customer and completed professionally and on schedule. TST often assumes responsibility for the complete train. If the turbine is used as a generator drive, we handle the generator overhaul with our long-standing partner for generator service.

The technical expertise of our employees in the office and on the site, a well-functioning supplier network, e.g. for the factory overhaul of the rotor including high-speed balancing, and close coordination with our customers over the duration of the project all contribute to our success.

We can offer all recognised repair methods either in-house or competitively with our specialist partners. We are also happy to develop repair concepts for the repair of auxiliary systems. Decommissioning and recommissioning is professionally supervised by our experienced start-up engineers until the turbo train can be handed back over to the operator.

This means that our customers receive their turbine overhaul in a one-stop shop solution.

Overhauls & maintenance for turbo compressors

Turbo compressors are at the centre of the process industry and oil and gas companies. The immense production pressure forces operators to ensure redundancy in production lines and extensive replacement stocks. The high time pressure that usually weighs on compressor overhauls makes the task extremely demanding in terms of time. Our service technicians often open and close compressor housings in just a few days – including replacing the running gear and wear-prone components such as seals and bearings.

Removed components are then usually repaired after the compressor overhaul and kept in stock for the next use. As a running gear set is only considered ready for operation when it has been repaired, the repair must also be carried out under time pressure. Here, TST works closely with its workshop partners and creates further manufacturer independence for the customer on request by capturing the component geometry.

Are you planning a compressor overhaul and interested in optimising your spare parts procurement? Please contact our team!

Maintenance & repairs

The reasons for machine damage can be numerous and can arise either during operation or due to downtime and insufficient drying and preservation, for example. The repair of a steam turbine set or compressor train usually requires the most complex work from our employees. In this case, both the technical assessments of the surveyor and the planning and coordination skills of the project manager are crucial to the success of the project.

When selecting repair methods, TST is free to choose the solution that is technically recommended and most suitable for the customer. The manufacturer independence is reflected here particularly strongly in a cost and usually also delivery date advantage for the customer. The usually relatively longer lead time of repair measures and workshop repairs can often be used for additional optimisation measures in the shadow of the repair.

With successful commissioning, the TST and customer project teams can look back on a jointly achieved project success. The operator can often expect a greatly extended service life of his turbo train.

Conversions & modernisations

Upgrade and retrofit measures as a complete solution – this is what TST’s systems engineering department specialises in. Our engineers and commissioning engineers deliver customised solutions for the optimisation and modernisation of hardware and software.

Our engineers work with the customer to develop a customised conversion concept for the specific application. This forms the basis for the detailed engineering, procurement of components, programming of controls, followed by implementation and recommissioning of the turboset. Everything from a single source. Planned and realised by the engineers at TST.

The expertise required for this is bundled in the many years of manufacturer-independent professional experience of our engineers and technicians. The focus here is on:

  • Automation of regulation, protection, control and condition monitoring
  • State-of-the-art sealing systems for turbo compressors
  • Increased performance of turbomachinery, for example through optimised impeller and blade design

Machine monitoring, fault diagnosis & root cause analysis

Turboset failures often pose many questions for operators. Fault diagnosis is complex and usually takes place under time pressure to get the turboset back into operation. Efficient troubleshooting is the order of the day, which TST technicians and engineers specialise in. Comprehensive and targeted machine monitoring provides the necessary data for analysing and determining the cause.

Whether on-site or from the back office, the TST team has optimised troubleshooting processes and provides customers with recommendations on how to rectify faults at short notice. Being there when it matters – that’s how we see our job. In this way, our reliability has a direct impact on that of the turboset in question.

Plant shutdowns

Extensive overhauls of turbomachinery from different manufacturers and of different designs are a technical challenge for the parties involved. This is exacerbated by the time and logistical peculiarities of plant shutdowns, so-called turnarounds.

From the operator’s point of view, the turnaround offers clear advantages. The machinery is only down once and efficiency losses, which can occur during partial shutdowns, are avoided. A decisive success factor for a successful turnaround is planning and preparation – in particular the supply of spare parts for the critical, rotating machinery. Worn and damaged components are replaced with new ones in the shortest possible time and only refurbished after the shutdown.

The organisational skills of the service providers are also essential. TST specialises in tailoring high-performance teams to individual projects. Experienced project and site managers ensure that decisions are made quickly and measures are implemented efficiently. The commissioning of the machinery is the successful conclusion of demanding projects.

Specialist seminars

The company as a learning organisation in which a continuous improvement process is pursued and its continued existence in a competitive market environment is ensured – TST has founded a turbomachinery academy based on this self-image.

Having started out as an internal training and development centre, TST now also offers external participants training courses (virtual or on-site) in various turbomachinery topics. The training portfolio ranges from the general functioning of steam turbines and turbocompressors to customised training on the customer’s own machine models.

The exchange of expertise helps our customers and allows us to continue to grow. Please contact us if you are interested.

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